Join the SPAACES study to help researchers understand the best way to help maintain a physical activity routine.

The aim of this study is to examine the feasibility and effects of a 12-week maintenance intervention on physical activity levels six months after completing a community-based exercise oncology program. Research will consist of physical assessments, activity monitoring, questionnaires, exercise and discussion sessions, and an optional focus group.

Three months after the program ends, you will be recontacted to participate in a three-month physical activity maintenance intervention, for a total study participation time of 9-months. There will be a total of four study visits, and they will take place at or near the location of the community-based exercise oncology program that you participate in and/or virtually.

You may be eligible if:

  • Planning to participate in STAC, BfitBwell, or Fit Cancer programs
  • You have been diagnosed with any type of cancer
  • You have completed primary cancer treatment within the past 5 years

There is no cost to participate and you will be compensated for your time to participate in this study. You will also receive study branded items such as a water bottle and tote bag.

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Complete the screening questionnaire to determine your eligibility.

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Participant Benefits

  • Participating may help you continue doing physical activity once the community-based exercise oncology program ends.
  • Support to stay physically active from trained exercise professionals.
  • Complementary registration in a physical activity program.

Are you a cancer survivor looking to maintain a physical activity routine?